Create Employee Paystubs

...without the hassle

Payroll management is an administrative function that a small business owner like you can outsource or delegate for your company. When you go online, for example, you might find a website like this one that allows you to print out a paycheck stub when you need it. Or you might set up a small business accounting program to generate your own paycheck stubs.

Create a system of checks and balances in your small business by doing either the payroll or accounting yourself or assigning both of these functions to two employees. Or, for example, you can have your manager prepare the payroll checks and payroll stubs and just sign the checks every week.

You want checks and balances in your company's finances including a method by which the payroll is checked by at least two people. If you haven’t gotten around to creating a separate set of duties for one person to run the payroll checks and another person to check it, now is a good time to start!

What else should to consider? How long of a delay is there between when employees enter their payroll hours into a timesheet, even an electronic one, and when they receive their paycheck stub? Paychecks are a financial incentive; people work to get paid and then use the money to pay their bills and buy comforts.

Giving employees a payroll that is accurate and has been checked by at least two people is part of being a good business manager.

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