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A payroll stub generator is a useful tool for tracking earnings trends. If you print yourself a sample payroll stub from time to time, you can see in black and white (or color) how your earnings vary. Ask yourself what are the business factors that contribute to the ups and downs in your earnings. Next, think critically about what you are currently doing versus what you might do to earn more.

The opposite might also be true. As a small business owner, your payroll stub might show you how much overtime you are putting in, that is when your hours worked for various clients exceeds forty hours. Even if you don’t get overtime from your clients, you are still working yourself very hard.

Compare a web-generated paycheck stub with your weekly or biweekly earning goal. Are you making what you desire? Ask yourself what you can do to meet an earnings target most of the time. Don’t forget to seek a proper balance between work and personal life.

Just food for thought the next time you’re looking at another person’s payroll stub and wishing that you made more. Or worse, you might think you are a workaholic and need to seriously schedule vacation time.

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