Payroll Check Stubs

...say a lot about your small business!

A small business owner who values employees as important human resources will focus on giving them a high quality and accurate paycheck stub. That’s because payroll check stubs tell a person how much he or she earns in a pay cycle and how the government benefit programs such as Social Security and Medicare impact his or her take-home earnings.

If you have employees, take the time to research the best pay cycle for an employee or a group of employees. For example, what payroll cycle can you keep up with if it is your job to generate paycheck stubs?

You can also match the pay cycle to a position instead of a person. For example, you could ask an employee if he or she wants to belong to the same pay cycle as everyone else or do contract wok and be paid in a different arrangement. You would negotiate a salary or hourly rate and ensure that the amount is equal to the weekly pay period times the number of payment dates.

The pay cycle impacts the employee or contractor’s own home budget from the beginning, so it’s important to consider pay cycles for growing as small business.

Your employees deserve Trusted Employment Verification.